Wednesday, July 18, 2007

PPP: Fantasy Football League

This is a sponsored post.

What exactly is competitive American fantasy football? I have no idea.

This is the info provided by the advertiser, which I gotta admit, did not answer my question, but managed to pique my interests enough to check out their website:

''If you're looking for a place to form a fantasy football team and compete for huge pay-out prizes, look no further than The American Fantasy Football League is an elite, high-class venue in which to showcase your skills for a chance to win huge prizes. Check out the prizes for the 2007 season at''

And check out the prizes I did. Just wanna let you know that even though I am still struggling to understand how we can actually play fantasy football, I do have no problem comprehending that their Championship Playoff Grand Prize is worth a cool $100,000.00!!!

Now let me get back to the rules and regulations again.... or perhaps I should check out the FAQ....