Thursday, July 19, 2007

She Said That In The Bath

I just got home from work when I spied the following through the semi opened bathroom door:

Grandma was preparing the bath water while Cairo tried to squeeze toothpaste onto her brush (albeit not very successfully). Grandma tried to help but Cairo screamed at her, "Chi kei, chi kei ahhhHHH!" (translation: do it by own self) so Grandma let her be. The "ahhhh" part could've rivaled that of any soprano opera singer's, I swear! After several attempts, Cairo finally got what she wanted out of the tube and proceeded to brush her teeth, unaided and "undisturbed".

~ My feisty little Chilli Padi likes to be independent eh? I must try to nib the screaming in the bud though.... can't stand kids doing that....

Grandma was undressing Cairo and the little one actually said, "Chui Sam/chui foo" (translation: remove the shirt / pants) while Grandma was removing said garments

~ Grandma has a very good habit of running a commentary of what she is doing or about to do to Cairo, so I guessed that's how Cairo picked up her words. *grinning*

Grandma asked Cairo to step into her mini bathtub after undressing her. Cairo climbed in gingerly then shouted dramatically, "Yit ah, yit ah!" (translation: too hot ah, too hot ah!) before hopping out!

~ My small fry can express that?! Wow! I found out later from a somewhat smug looking Grandma that HER Cairo has been trained to bathe in water much cooler than what her "lousy , sickly, youngster parents" are used to! O....kay.... good... for.... her....

After insisting that Grandma add more cold water to her bathtub, Cairo climbed in again. This time round she bossily asked for "Fan gan eh?" (translation: soap, soap?)

~ She actually noted that Grandma hadn't added the bath gel into the tub and reminded her of it!!! Aww.... so observant right?

Grandma sponged Cairo all over while Cairo played a sorta body part guessing game with her. She'd name them while Grandma was sponging her parts..."sai tau, sai min, sai sau, sai geok... sai pet pet, sai pok pok!" (translation: washing hair, washing face, washing hands, washing legs.... washing private parts!)

~ Dear God, why must Grandma teach her to call her private part that la? But so darn farneeee right? Hahaha! So that's what it's gonna be, eh? Pet pet for the back and pok pok for the front! *slap head*

Actually, Grandma saw me standing at the door quite early but decided not to let Cairo know and let me witness for myself what the small one has been up to lately :p

Well, seems that Cairo has picked up quite a lot of words lately though she does hesitate to string them together to form longer sentences. She also tends to say her words in pairs of repetitions....

Her favourite sentence at the moment?

"Mommy eh? Daddy eh?" (translation: where's mommy? where's daddy?) She'll then answer her own question if neither me nor her Daddy shows up in front of her within the next 2 seconds; "Mommy jou gung.... Daddy gui, Daddy oh oi!" (translation: mommy working, daddy tired, daddy sleeping!) all the while nodding her head like she's figured out what's E=MC2 hahaha!

That's cos she's always seeing her Daddy in bed (he can out sleep anyone of us in the family) and I'm always at the computer (Grandma would tell her I'm working, instead of blogging, so she wouldn't disturb me so much) *laugh out loud*


Health Freak Mommy said...

I was chuckling away as I read how Cairo described her front part as pok pok LOL!

Cheryl Leong said...

wow... cairo really learn fast & I think she can dictate people also *LOL* later on, cairo will tell popo do this & that already ....

Big Pumpkin said...

Ey? I thot front part was pepet? *confused*

Your hubby sounds like mine. Need beauty sleep one.

Lian said...

I think her cantonese will soon be better than mine.
When I tried to teach my kids hokkien, I get funny kwei lo slangs. "Thau Sa" (take shirt off) became "Pizza!" Aiyoh!

jazzmint said...

haha that's so cute LOL.....

eh why the pet pet and pok pok terbalik liao LOL

cairo's mommy said...

hehehe her Grandma la... :p

yaya, bossy, can tell oredi

big pumpkin & jazzmint:
no wor. normally ppl say "beat your pet pet" means "smack your butt cheeks" la.... so it must be butt region right. i can't imagine if it's the other one instead....ewww!

d other one i have no idea where my mom got the word from but i have been hearing it since i was a kid hahaha

hehehe better they know and have funny slangs than dunno at all... i only know the "drink coffee, smoking and vulgar words" in hokkien cos that's all my site guys are saying in front me *LOL*

Sweetpea said...

that's really good. she's great in expressing herself now... sigh, she's grown huh? :)

sounds from your post, grandma has a good head on her pair of shoulders. it's great to tell kids wat we are doing at the moment, so they can relate. i understand some mummy's mums/MILs love to control the upbringing of their grandchildren too much, especially when they think we new mums know nothing.

i am not too fortunate in this case as my MIL passed on three months b4 aidan was born, so there was no one to help me. or am i fortunate that no one interfered? :)