Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tag: 8 Random Facts About Cairo

Malaika's Mommy wanna know 8 random facts about Cairo. I'm not gonna tag anybody a second time for this same title, so you guys can exhale now, duh!

Okie, here we go:

Fact 1:
At birth, Cairo was the biggest baby at the hospital's nursery (our floor anyway :p), weighing in at a hefty 3.89kg.

Fact 2:
Contrary to popular believe, Cairo isn't an only child. See how protective her two brothers are?
The darker one is "Froggy, aka Koko" and the lighter one is "Junior aka Naughty".

"How come she's our little sister but so much bigger in size? And not one bit of green on her!?"

"Quick, Mommy's coming... act like we like the baby!"

"Mommy, what's this? We like! Buy, ok?"
(yep, that's the bed for jaundiced babies at the hospital. Cairo used it for a while)

(They are NOT toys. The Boys "talk" to us every night and still sleeps in our bed, followed us on holidays, had their portraits framed up and even got Ang Pows from Mommy, Daddy and Grandmas during Chinese New Years :p)

Fact 3:
Cairo had quite a lot of hair at birth but didn't grow much back after her customary "Head Shaving Ceremony" when she turned 100 days old. We've never cut her hair since.

Fact 4:
Cairo had excema very soon after birth (no symptoms for a long time now, so I lie to myself and use past tense). We had to be darn careful of her food intake, introducing new stuff to her way later than others - even now she's not allowed seafood, except fish. No furry soft toys then (her brothers not considered... they had frequent baths anyway). Always well ventilated. Used only moisturiser and bathing shampoo prescribed by her doc cos even Sebamed was too harsh for her then!

Fact 5:
Loves to dance! Unfortunately, seems to like trashy rock stuff and will bop her head along like some drunken groupie, yucks!

Fact 6:
Cairo likes to give us massage or pretend to apply ointment for us if she thinks that we are injured. She will shake some water out of her "mag mag", rub her hands together and smother them on our "injuries" as though healing them. She must have seen the way Grandma applied medicated oil and picked it up, hahaha!

Fact 7:
Cairo is a nocturnal creature. She goes to bed several hours after her parents have long gone to bed. She suits her Grandma's normal sleeping hours to a T! We are pretty sure that Cairo is imitating her right now and we're thinking of drugging her (Grandma, not Cairo) back to normal sleeping hours when Cairo starts school next year!

Fact 8:
Cairo insists on going into Mommy & Daddy's room for reading and playing session at night. The only way Mommy / Daddy is able to drive her out of the room is to do the "Goodnight Ritual". Upon hearing them, Cairo will wave, say bye bye and walk out of the room without making a fuss.

Wonder why I only posted photos for Fact 2? Cos I promised the Boys I won't let Cairo steal their thunder this round :p


Malaika's mummy said...

Malaika still has ezcema breakout once in a while. :(

Thank you for doing the tag.

khongfamily said...

3.89 kg...that's heavy. Shay's ezcema is quite bad too especially on her face and neck. Her skin is a bit dry too. Wonder how long it will last.

cairo's mommy said...

malaika's mummy & khongfamily:

hmm, from wat i know, excema's sorta like volcana. is never goes away. just lie dormant onli :( i have a childhood fren who gets it back whenever she's stressed (exams etc)...

meanwhile, u might wanna checkout Alternative Mom's site (link at my side panel). she wrote a very good piece on excema and what is good for temp treatment...her daughter has it too (poor thing)

as for cairo; moisturise, moisturise, moisturise (balneum, steroid free) hahaha.

Blur Mommy said...

wow, she's a big baby! I like her brothers..hehe...
BTW: I've tagged u here

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, 3.89kg at birth for a girl is BIG... and she looks so petite now. Normal or c-section birth?

cairo's mommy said...

blur mommy:
:D ya we think the boys r way cuter than cairo hahaha. oh, will do your tag dis wknd :p

health freak mommy:
yalor, can't tell right from her size now hahaha... doc n his partner predicted 4.2kg dat time n cairo still didnt wanna come out at 40th week! so no choice ceasarean lor :(

i think the breast milk regulated her weight la... in dat case i think i should go drink some too :p

marisa said...

i absolutely looooooooovvvvvvveeee the sibling photo of cairo and her brothers!!! you should enlarge it and frame it up and put it up... just love it love it love it!!!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Hahah,, Froggy and Junior certainly stole the limelight. 3.89kg is def very heavy esp for a girl. So far I've only came across a friend who gave birth to a 4kg bb boy....

Fact3: Same case with Ryan... :(

mommy of 2 angels said...

her "nautii koko" is sooo cute!! of cos she's an angel and wahhh!! so huge ah!! must be tough on mommy lor?

ellisa is still struggling w her eczema...hope she outgrows it soon...she only bathes in oil, no soaps!

cairo's mommy said...

hehehe, i have plenty photos of the boys but i think they look smashing in those 3... way cuter than cairo hahaha :D

etc mommy & mommy of 2 angels:
i think many babies has got it nowadays... lucky it's also easier for us to get info on how to make them feel better....check out alternative mom's blog. she did a good post on ezcema.

cairo's mommy said...

etc mommy:
u didn't try rubbing xo on his head either huh :p me too...

Zara's Mama said...

Zaria also born with a lot of hair.. but then slowly slowly dropped. :(