Sunday, August 05, 2007

We Got Cairo A Doggie!!!

Every kid must have a dog. I was lucky enough to have had four while growing up. A daschund, a silky terrier, a pug (which died young, from pneumonia) and a pengkingese cross chi-huahua. Three of them survived to a ripe old age and has gone on to doggie heaven years ago.

Unfortunately, I can't really get one for Cairo at the moment due to the following reasons:
  • We have a non-dog friendly living arrangement (read: small apartment, with no yard for the dog to run around in)
  • We're tired from having to wash Cairo up after she passes motion, let alone add a dog into the routine (I like my dogs clean, geddit?)!!!
  • The older folks insist in soft but persistent voices that we don't keep any furry pets as it is bad for kids' health (so if - touchwood - anything bad happens to Cairo, the pet buyer will be stoned to death by them)
  • We don't even have time to walk Cairo to the park, let alone the poor dog

Then there are the other questions that I need to consider... What if the dog gets too big? What if it bites Cairo? What if it barks non stop and our neighbours call the police and we can't keep it anymore (welcome to Singapore, folks, where everybody loves to complain)?

Now I am a firm believer that pets are for life.

Worst come to worst, it's still humanely ok to chuck it to your cousin twice removed if you no longer want the pet (and surprisingly he does).

It's NOT to just drive it to some remote forest and leave it, a la Hansel and Gretel! Shame on you if you have done it before!!!

So what to do? And Cairo is too young to have a Tamagotchi pet, darn!

My solution? Ta-dah! Everyone, please meet Cairo's first doggie, whom she christened Woow-Woow, 2 seconds upon laying her eyes on it:

She even insists on bringing it out for walks and to the nearby shopping mall!

Her SGD 12.90 pet sleeps in a corner of my room at night and is awaiting the next dose of helium injection (SGD 2.00 every 5 days) to keep it in it's healthy doggie state.
Actually, The dog is as much for Cairo as it is for the whole family, come to think of it. Everyone took turns to marvel at the dog (and what a brilliant mother I am for getting it, hehehe). And you know what? All good things come to those who wait; I have waited years before I lay my hands on the dog as it was darn expensive back then.

Ahh, bless the Japanese for their cute & quirky inventions *wink*

Additional note on 10th August 2007:
5 days later.
Dog is now flopping in the corner cos I am feeling stingy and wanna drag the days in between injection longer, but I can only tell Cairo that doggie is visiting Grandma's house so many times before she smells a rat. She actually called my bluff the other day when she came in to my room to hunt for her Woow-Woow, and saw its now lifeless body!
Lucky for me, she is still too young to shoot me the accusatory look. Or maybe she's just too happy to have found it to bother to make me feel guilty. Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that Woow-Woow is sick and needs to apply ointment (In her own words: Mommy, Woow-Woow yor yor, char yau ah)! *LOL*
So grudgingly, I have bundled the dog to work this morning and will be reinstating it to 80% of its formal glory after work (there is a shop providing helium refill service nearby my office).
Why 80% you ask. Cos in the past week, Cairo has managed to satisfy her curiosity by peeling out 2 of the dog's feet. Her clumsiness has also ensured that the remaining two were also ripped off when she stepped on them while pulling the dog at the same time.
I am pleased to announce that I have managed to recover all the parts and after nursing it back to health with scotch tape, the dog is on its feet again. There you go, a mother's atonement on behalf of her young. So all you PETA people, leave my daughter out of your hate list, please :p


Cheryl Leong said...

I thought u really bought a real dog :p However, the doggie Woww Woww that you got for Cairo is sooooo cute...and it looks real too ;)

jazzmint said...

wah so time auntie come auntie kidnap the dog kekeke

Denzil Lim said...

with your title on your blog, i thought you are getting a real dog, after reading it then i realise it ..... but it look very cute.....

Just Cheryl said...

Hee hee, when she grows up can graduate to Nintendogs then :)

babyfiona said...

cute cute! No washing and no feeding kekeke. So smart ler you!

Dont mind if i tag you?

Anggie's journel said...

aiseh.. when i 1st read the title i thot real doggie lei, until i see the picture below.... hahahaha.

MamaTang said...

That's really innovative. Where do you get it?

Blur Mommy said...

haha... that is too cute!! I wonder how long you can keep up with the 5 day injection...hehe..

eastcoastlife said...

So clever of you! Get a fake dog for your darlin. hehehe....

milkmaid said...

Hahahahaha --- I also tot you bought a real dog !

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--that is sooo sweet. I think we all thought---real dog (laugh).

Jasmine said...

The dog is so cute leh!! Buy more buy more.. like cat, rabbit..
haha become small animal house lor..

Malaika's mummy said...

cool stuff, indeed. Where to get one?

J@n!ce said...

That's a smart move. I can consider that in future .... hehe ;P

Angeleyes said...

That was one cool doggie! I don't think we can find any in M'sia.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Cool~~ Where did you get that?

ilovepearly said...

I too believe every kid should experence having a dog around or being able to play with one.