Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Meanwhile, a little teaser (yeah, still struggling with my datelines, no time to scrap) ...

Happy Halloween, everybody :D

The best thing about having a Mommy who works in Orchard Road? Lunch time impulsive buys hahahaha! Its considered so cos we don't even celebrate the holiday, hahaha!
Anyway, I chanced upon this at Toys R Us a month ago... (it maybe super common in the west but good halloween costumes cost a hand n a foot in these parts..... well, apparently not anymore! Cute little pumpkin costume - $24.90. Photo opportunity for snappy happy mommy - priceless!

Cairo likes the hat so much she refused to let me take it out :p

Yeah, she sure has grown much in the last two months!
(costume's meant for 3 to 4 year olds :s)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

End of Blog Break!

Wow, we have been gone for more than 2 months... now that's what I call a break :p
During the time which we've stayed away from the blogosphere (yup, not even blog reading, sadly), this is what we've been up to:
  • Acquired enough vocabulary to carry out decent canto conversations with us
  • Discovered her true calling in life: graffiti artist (lucky we've managed to confine her masterpieces on paper now... and even luckier that she picked our one and only blue wall - out of all the other surrounding whites - for her first artistic venture!) She has also developed a habit of scribbling nonsense on her papers and declaring them Bunny! Mew-mew! Fishhhh! Car car! (Delusional or what? :p)
  • Fell in love with Barney (well, better Barner than some never dying dude from Days of Our Lives) and is officially a TV addict now (I'm frowning, yes I am)
  • Gotten her first taste of peer pressure: started to recite jumbled-up alphabets and even counting 1 to 10 (but always without 6 and 7) - well, after all, everyone in Barney knows their ABCs & 123s
  • She's always liked prancing around as though she's doing a ballet recital but now she has graduated to making us - as in sit still and cannot move away - listen to her out of tune kiddy songs as well, and provide the words to fill in her blanks to prevent embarrassment!
  • Recognises images of herself in mirrors, computer monitors, photos etc - even her baby photos - and goes around exclaiming in a loud voice: Neh Cairo! Cute ah!!! (That's Cairo! So cute!) *rolling my eyes*
  • Loves talking on the phone - whether there is anyone on the other line or not is never a matter worthy of her concern - but only on cell phones and never the dummy ones!
  • Shadows Mommy EVERYWHERE whenever Mommy is home - Mommy 1 Grandma 0, hah! - and will display sudden affection towards Daddy only when he is opening the main door and holding his car keys - Mommy 1 Daddy out of the game!!! LOL


  • Has started nite class for 2 months now and is busy preparing for assignment projects and exam in Dec :(
  • Rushing to complete a photobook, a present to someone special (see below for reason of said rush & dateline)
  • Preparing for a certain little one's 2nd Birthday Party :p

Ok folks, after I submit my photobook softcopy to the printers (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) I will upload more recent photos of Cairo... promise :p

And thanks for coming back to visit me, even after so long :D