Tuesday, October 30, 2007

End of Blog Break!

Wow, we have been gone for more than 2 months... now that's what I call a break :p
During the time which we've stayed away from the blogosphere (yup, not even blog reading, sadly), this is what we've been up to:
  • Acquired enough vocabulary to carry out decent canto conversations with us
  • Discovered her true calling in life: graffiti artist (lucky we've managed to confine her masterpieces on paper now... and even luckier that she picked our one and only blue wall - out of all the other surrounding whites - for her first artistic venture!) She has also developed a habit of scribbling nonsense on her papers and declaring them Bunny! Mew-mew! Fishhhh! Car car! (Delusional or what? :p)
  • Fell in love with Barney (well, better Barner than some never dying dude from Days of Our Lives) and is officially a TV addict now (I'm frowning, yes I am)
  • Gotten her first taste of peer pressure: started to recite jumbled-up alphabets and even counting 1 to 10 (but always without 6 and 7) - well, after all, everyone in Barney knows their ABCs & 123s
  • She's always liked prancing around as though she's doing a ballet recital but now she has graduated to making us - as in sit still and cannot move away - listen to her out of tune kiddy songs as well, and provide the words to fill in her blanks to prevent embarrassment!
  • Recognises images of herself in mirrors, computer monitors, photos etc - even her baby photos - and goes around exclaiming in a loud voice: Neh Cairo! Cute ah!!! (That's Cairo! So cute!) *rolling my eyes*
  • Loves talking on the phone - whether there is anyone on the other line or not is never a matter worthy of her concern - but only on cell phones and never the dummy ones!
  • Shadows Mommy EVERYWHERE whenever Mommy is home - Mommy 1 Grandma 0, hah! - and will display sudden affection towards Daddy only when he is opening the main door and holding his car keys - Mommy 1 Daddy out of the game!!! LOL


  • Has started nite class for 2 months now and is busy preparing for assignment projects and exam in Dec :(
  • Rushing to complete a photobook, a present to someone special (see below for reason of said rush & dateline)
  • Preparing for a certain little one's 2nd Birthday Party :p

Ok folks, after I submit my photobook softcopy to the printers (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) I will upload more recent photos of Cairo... promise :p

And thanks for coming back to visit me, even after so long :D


peimun said...

Welcome back...miss you so much!

The New Parent said...

Hi CM--great to have you back! Look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

Big Pumpkin said...

Welcome back!!! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting......great to have you back and look forward to more on Cairo and Mommy *smile*

jazzmint said...

wb dear...

etceteramommy said...

Welcome back :D

Malaika's mummy said...

welcome back.

You had a long long break.